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Close Protection Jobs and Services from HCP Group

Our Security & Investigations team takes pride in its meticulous approach to recruiting highly skilled, professional, and experienced Close Protection Officers for esteemed clients, ranging from ultra-high-net-worth individuals to embassies. Understanding the paramount importance of personal safety and confidentiality, we meticulously source individuals who possess not only the requisite training but also a proven track record in providing discreet and effective protection services. Leveraging our extensive network, we specialise in identifying candidates with backgrounds in elite military units such as the Special Forces and Royal Marine Commandos, where they have honed their skills in high-pressure situations and rigorous security protocols.

In addition to seeking talent from elite military backgrounds, our recruitment process extends to professionals with prior experience as Diplomatic Firearms Officers, ensuring our clients benefit from personnel well-versed in handling diplomatic and high-profile security operations. Our commitment to excellence drives us to continuously assess and refine our selection criteria, ensuring that every Close Protection Officer we deploy embodies the highest standards of professionalism, discretion, and proficiency in safeguarding our clients’ interests and well-being.

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