Permanent Recruitment Services

We know exactly where to find your next critical permanent hire.

Permanent Recruitment Services

Good people are hard to find for a reason. You have to dig deeper than most if you want to find the best.

You have to get up close and personal too if you want to really find out why the person behind the CV will be a perfect, long term fit.

The difference really is personal.

We value long-term partnerships. If you ask any of our clients or candidates what it’s like to work with us, they will tell you we are attentive buy not pushy, meticulous and driven, and we go the extra mile to get people into the right role with the right company.

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A great recruitment firm known throughout the automotive world, they consistently deliver excellent results every time, not just with our car and commercial brands but across our other businesses areas too. A pleasure to work with – our group recommends them highly and wish them continued successes.

Vice Chairman
Corporation – Dubai, UAE

We’re in this together from the start.

As a new client, we’ll need to get to know you properly before we can represent your brand, so we start by getting a thorough understanding of your business, it’s people and your needs.

When it comes to sourcing candidates, we take a measured, tailored approach backed up by insight and research. That said, it’s our experience and determination that sets us apart.

After preparing a shortlist with you, we work together to identify interviewees before helping you make your final choice.

And to make sure you know we’re in it together, you pay nothing until our recommended person joins your team.

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