How to Attract and Retain the Best Talent

The automotive sector has one of the highest staff turnovers of any industry; it can be difficult to attract top performers and even harder to keep them. However, more and more dealers are seeing success by moving towards a more flexible, enjoyable and less rule-restricted workplace. Staff retention, and therefore overall profit, has increased through taking measures to improve motivation and overall satisfaction.

1. Understanding culture
Understanding the reality of your company culture is vital to creating a company that is appealing to join. Are differences accepted? How do current employees feel about working there? How are people promoted and what does that say about the type of behaviour that is rewarded?

company culture
2. Meaningful work
The best people need recognition for their work and to feel that they are truly contributing. Taking pride in their work can be a lot more important than sales or productivity bonuses. A few words of praise from management, whether in the bodyshop, the showroom or the reception desk, can go a long way.

3. Development
Helping employees set and reach their own career goals allows you to move away from rewarding people for having stayed at the company for a long time and instead reward them for being committed to pushing themselves and the company forward. You can see that rewarding this type of behaviour will retain the best talent

4. Flexibility
Many of the top dealerships go beyond financial incentives and achieve a higher staff retention by offering flexible work schedules. They match staffing levels to customer traffic thereby ensuring there is not a surplus of people with nothing to do during quieter times. They also encourage a team mentality of collaboration rather than competition.

5. Streamline your hiring process
Attracting the best people means and getting back to people quickly, even if they haven’t got the job. Successful dealerships are the ones that stay one step ahead of the competition by swiftly organising interviews and making offers