Ash's Jobs


Qatar Permanent
US$72600 - US$149000 per annum + Benefits

General Manager

Saudi Arabia Permanent
Up to US$13400 per month + Annual Bonus SR 300,000 plus Benefits

Ash KohliManaging Director


Ash Kohli founded HCP in 1998 after many years managing one of the UK’s most prestigious BMW dealerships. He wanted to create an organisation that was a valued business partner to its clients, with relationships built on trust. As our Managing Director, he makes sure that these principles remain at the core of our business and that we continue to serve the automotive industry with the same level of care and attention to detail that our partners put into their premium automobiles.

“After 10 years’ managing the aftersales at one of London’s premier BMW dealers, I felt that the majority of the recruiters that we worked with were getting it all wrong. I needed more than just stacks of CVs, I needed partners that understood the industry.”

Ash’s vision of a proper recruitment consultancy has grown from a small team in the UK to a leading international business with operations all over the world.

“We are trusted to help our clients deliver great cars and exceptional service. Like the brands that we are so proud to work with, we are constantly striving to be better. Through continuous learning and development and a commitment to long-standing partnerships, we hope to be an example of what recruitment consultancies should be.”

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