HCP Group recruited an Executive Assistant for a Conglomerate in Oman

Appointing an Executive Assistant for a Conglomerate

The Brief

Client Background: Our client, a conglomerate based in Oman with global business interests, approached us for assistance in recruiting a new Executive Assistant (EA) for the Chairman. The Chairman, a well-respected businessman and special adviser to His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq, required an EA to manage his team of Executive Assistants and Personal Assistants, streamline systems, and report directly to him.

Our Approach

Initial Assessment.

We conducted an in-depth assessment of the client’s requirements, understanding the Chairman’s specific needs, preferences, and the dynamic nature of his role. We also analysed the existing team structure and identified areas for improvement in systems and processes.

Global Search.

Given the international nature of the client’s business and the Chairman’s stature, we conducted a global search for the ideal candidate. Our search primarily focused on the US and UK due to their advanced executive support talent pools and cultural compatibility.

Candidate Profiling.

We developed a comprehensive profile outlining the specific skills, experience, and personality traits required for the role. Key attributes included exceptional organisational skills, efficiency, charisma, and the ability to adapt to a fast-paced and high-pressure environment.

Candidate Evaluation.

We rigorously evaluated potential candidates against the established criteria, conducting thorough interviews and assessments to ensure alignment with the client’s needs and culture. We prioritised candidates with proven experience in executive support roles and a track record of success.


Through our meticulous approach and extensive global search efforts, we successfully recruited a highly organised and efficient Executive Assistant from London. The selected candidate possessed all the requisite skills and attributes outlined by the client, including charisma and adaptability to the Chairman’s dynamic business environment. She quickly integrated into the team and became an integral part of the Chairman’s business life, effectively managing his team of Executive Assistants and streamlining systems and processes.


The successful recruitment of the Executive Assistant for the Chairman of the Omani conglomerate underscores our ability to deliver tailored recruitment solutions that meet our clients’ specific needs. Our global approach, combined with a thorough candidate evaluation process, ensured that we identified and secured the ideal candidate who seamlessly integrated into the client’s organisation. The new Executive Assistant’s contribution has enhanced operational efficiency and facilitated the Chairman’s business activities, further solidifying our client’s position as a leader in the global business landscape.