HCP Group appoints CEO for a Technology Business

Appointing a CEO for a Technology Business

The Brief

Client Background: We were approached by an existing client headquartered in the Middle East with a global presence, owning over eighty medium to large companies across various industries. They sought to appoint an experienced CEO to lead one of their newer businesses focused on technology, particularly OLED, based at their facilities in the North of England. The CEO would report directly to the Chairman in the Middle East and be tasked with developing the business internationally, supported by a team of scientists and management professionals.

Our Approach

Client Consultation.

We conducted extensive consultations with the client to understand their requirements, objectives, and the specific attributes they sought in a CEO for their technology business. We delved into the desired industry expertise, leadership skills, and vision for the growth and expansion of the business.

Candidate Search.

Leveraging our global network and industry connections, we initiated a targeted search for candidates with expertise in OLED technology, design, manufacturing, and leadership of large teams. We utilised various channels, including our database, industry associations, and direct outreach, to identify potential candidates who aligned with the client’s requirements.

Candidate Screening and Evaluation.

We implemented a rigorous screening and evaluation process to assess each candidate’s qualifications, experience, and suitability for the role. This involved reviewing resumes, conducting in-depth interviews, and evaluating candidates’ track records in leading technology businesses and driving international expansion.

Interview Coordination.

We facilitated interview scheduling for the client, accommodating their preferences and ensuring seamless coordination with shortlisted candidates. This included arranging face-to-face interviews in England and Monaco.


Through our strategic approach and focused efforts, we successfully recruited an expert in OLED technology with extensive experience in design, manufacturing, and leading large teams. The selected candidate demonstrated a strong understanding of the industry landscape and possessed the visionary leadership skills required to drive the growth and international expansion of the client’s technology business based in the North of England.


The appointment of the CEO for the technology business marked a significant milestone in our client’s strategic objectives for expansion and innovation. Our tailored recruitment approach, combined with our industry expertise and global network, enabled us to identify and secure the ideal candidate who would lead the business to new heights of success and prominence in the technology sector.