A message from our director

“After several years managing the aftersales division of a flagship BMW dealer in London, I felt that the majority of the recruiters that we worked with were getting it all wrong. I needed more than just stacks of CVs, I needed partners that understood the industry.

Working for a brand like BMW changes you. We all worked so hard to make sure that our customers were looked after, long after they drove away in their new cars. Everyone was part of giving our customers that premium experience including most of our partners.

I expected any recruiter that worked with a prestige brand in our sector to know what our brand stood for, how our business operated and the type of people that were needed to help drive our success. I felt that recruitment consultants should offer advice based on a real understanding of the motor industry and a premium brand like ours. That’s when I saw the opportunity to establish HCP.

I made BMW our first client, taking the same principles I had learned there and using them to establish a business that puts relationships first and goes that extra mile for its clients. It sounds like a cliché, but BMW are still our clients all these years later. And I’ve seen my vision of a proper recruitment consultancy grow from a small team in Surrey to a leading international business operating across the UK, Middle East and Asia.

My continued ambition for HCP is to be a valued business partner to our clients. We are trusted to help them deliver great cars and exceptional service. Like the brands that we are so proud to work with, we are constantly striving to be better. Through continuous learning and development and a commitment to long-standing partnerships, we hope to be an example of what recruitment consultancies should be.

We look forward to working with you and helping you find people with the necessary skills and experience for your business.”

Ash Kohli

Founder, Managing Director